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Hier neues von Jerry Wanger zu dem lang  geplanten CS7000, nach wie vor als 70cm Monoband HandfunkMultimodegerät geplant,  logisch, das der Preis für das Gerät wesentlich höher sein wird als ein Monomode China Gerät !

—In CS7000@yahoogroups.com, <jerry@…> wrote :
The first version out of the lab will support DMR, the second Analog, and the third DSTAR. The following will be done but in no particular order:
dPMR, Fusion, NXDN, P25 Phase I, P25 Phase II. We will not make any prediction of how long it will take to get these other protocols ready. It will be a few months between the time defined by out of the lab and production occurs so hopefully DMR, ANALOG, and DSTAR will be in the first production unit but no guarantees.
The intention of this project is to have the HAM community work on developing the product. All source code will be well documented and be provided for the HAM community to expand on.
Some of you who are not Engineers may think when we say we are going to have DMR, it will then be able to replace the CS750 out if the box. The reality is we are providing a well documented base for the Amateur community to expand on and will not be a CS750 replacement for a long time if ever.
Jerry Wanger KK6LFS

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